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Its annoying how you still throw yourself at your ex

Just cus we’re cool doesn’t mean I’m throwing myself at him. & even if I was what the fuck is it to you ? That’s why i don’t talk bout my personal life anymore, cus most if y’all act all cool but are judgemental fucks . Sorry if I offend the people I actually like on here . Y’all wanna come all cute and nice asking for advice but lord let me say something personal when y’all come like fucking buitres talking shit about me and my personal life. So whoever the fuck you are, suck my dick & gtfo my blog if you don’t like the way I handle MYYYYY life . Your opinion me la pela ✌️

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Hey, Dirty, baby I got ya money don’t ya worry.

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"¡Lléveselo policía, llévese a este niño que se esta portando mal!" 

—Tu mamá cuando hacías berrinche en la calle.



I need a foot rub
And like 3 hours of oral sex and then some cuddling and then at least 10 hours of sleep.

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Lauryn Hill -  Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You